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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Review of 26th paid survey site

Are you a new visitor to this blog ? If you are looking for some good paid survey sites , then you are at the right place . this blog contains reviews of about 26 survey sites . you may join all of these survey companies to maximise your earnings .Every week i add one new site to this blog. Hence you keep coming back to this blog every week . You can also down load my toolbar to keep track of any new postings.

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26. Keynote Research Panel

The Keynote Research Panel includes more than 160,000 Web users just like you:

• business executives
• stay-at-home parents
• college students
• senior citizens
• doctors
• teachers
• engineers
• accountants
• homemakers
• hard-core power users
• computer beginners

Because our members range so widely in age, background and location, the Keynote Research Panel represents a truly diverse cross-section of the general online population. In addition to knowing that your feedback is helping to improve the Web, you may also receive a reward for participating in some evaluations. These rewards often come in the form of a gift certificate to a popular online retail store. Many Keynote Panelists also enjoy being able to check out cool new Web sites before they're accessible to the general public. Web businesses often use Keynote to help prepare their new sites for launch, so our panelists are frequently the first to "test drive" a new site.
Join the Keynote Research Panel Now!

It may take a few weeks or longer to receive your first invitation to evaluate a site.They just want to make sure you get to review a site that is related to your interests. When you do receive your invitation, please respond as soon as possible to ensure yourself a spot for that evaluation.

When you begin your first evaluation, you will receive instructions on how an evaluation works. At the same time, the Keynote Connector is seamlessly installed on your computer. While you take the evaluation with Internet Explorer, the Connector guides you to the web sites you have been asked to evaluate. While there, the Keynote Connector will prompt you to complete certain tasks and respond to a series of questions, a process that generally takes 30-45 minutes. You can make additional comments at any time using the "Comment" button on Connector. Your feedback helps reshape the web experience for everyone.

Once you've completed the site evaluation, your results will be automatically saved. Make sure you have spent enough time surfing the site to complete each task and provide comments if you particularly like or dislike something. If the evaluation you completed has a reward associated with it, you will receive your reward in an e-mail, usually within three business days after you finish the evaluation.

If there is an Amazon.com certificate or other type of reward certificate associated with the evaluation you participated in and your responses have been approved, you will receive your certificate via email for participating in the study. They will send your Amazon.com gift certificate or other reward certificate to the e-mail address. With the Amazon certificate you have received you can buy any amazon product from their on line store .Amazon.com is an online shopping site filled with a variety of valuable products including books, electronics, music, DVDs and much more.

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