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Friday, July 20, 2007

Pure Profile - 27th Survey Site Review

27. Pure Profile
Pure Profile is an online service that sends you surveys and offers for products/services matched to your profile. Pureprofile is an actively managed panel of consumers aged 18 years of age or older. Currently they have account holders in Australia and the United Kingdom, and registrations from other countries around the world are steadily growing. Pureprofile has been heavily involved with the Australian market research industry since 2003 and has designed many of its processes to ensure every sample complies with or exceeds local and international quality standards requirements for the handling of personal information and market research data. At the start of 2007, pureprofile had over 420, 000 account holders. Approximately 5, 000 new account holders join each month.

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Pureprofile aims to provide account holders with relevant research and marketing campaigns based on their comprehensive and continually updating personal profiles. Profiles are constantly updated via regular profile questions that are sent to account holders. Also, with hundreds of questions and answers in the profile, it more closely reflects the uniqueness of individuals. Further information can be voluntarily supplied by account holders on customised profile pages.
Pureprofile clearly communicates to account holders the intention of each message and the payment amount associated with it. pureprofile account holders are rewarded for their time and attention in the form of payments into their pureprofile account balance. The payment amount is dependent on the length and complexity of the responses required. For example, if an account holder responds to a survey but does not qualify due to screening questions or full quotas they receive a small pro-rated payment. If they complete a survey, they are rewarded with the full payment which is dependent on the length and complexity of the survey. They are always rewarded for their participation and the payment amount is always made clear to them at the outset of a survey.

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