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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Best Of the Best Online Paid Survey sites

Today i am planning to select 10 best paid survey sites from the 27 survey sites i had reviewed so far .This selection is purely based on my experience with them.Since the no. of surveys you get depends on your job, educational background, age ,country and many other things , i suggest you to join maximum no. of survey sites to make money.You can read my old post to know more details about Online paid survey sites

Here are the best 10 best online paid survey sites with there uniqueness

1. Your Voice
In addition to the prizes/points for the individual surveys . They have a monthly draw for an ipod nano 4GB and many other prizes . Best Indian survey site.

2. Ciao-surveys
Best survey site in the world based in germany. Now they have started operations in India . You get your Rewards in Indian Rupees

3. Permission Research
You get many free softwares of games, screen savers, wall papers etc etc.

4. Vanderbilt University .
These surveys are run for research purposes

5. Brand Institute
Very good one. Their payout is good , they pay approx 10 dollar /survey.

6. Ameican Consumer Opinion .
One of the best american survey site. You can earn 5 dollar/survey

7. Survey Savvy .
You will not get much surveys from them but they pay well and have a good referal system

8. NPD Online Research
Upon completion of your member profile, you will automatically be entered in a drawing for the chance to win 1000 dollars

Another good indian survey site

10. Global Test Market .
One of the best internationl survey site , only problem is that they issue the cheque only after your account reaches 50 dollars. This may take 6 to 12 months .If you are interested in joining this one please sent one blank mail to sajisurvey@yahoo.com. So that I Can arrange for your invitation from them.


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