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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Search 'N Earn Program

Instead of continuing with the 4th part of Paid Survey Programs , this week I will do the review of a program available on the net for making money . “ SlashMySearch “ as the name implies they started this program as a search engine where you can earn money for searching . Concept of getting some extra money looks very attractive as we are getting paid for a job which we were doing earlier without any benefit in other search engines like yahoo and others

As per their advertisement on the net a person can earn upto $ 1980 / month with a direct referral base of 10 and another 10 referrals for your each direct referrals. This advertisement looks very attractive but in reality the earnings are very low . I joined this Program a month back and I could so far mange around $3 only with 3 referrals under me. If you have a good no. of referrals e then you can make good money from this program . Given below is the proof of payment taken from their forum

Proof of Payment

In addition to the search facility which is now provided by “snap “ ,they have a very active forum .I use this forum for promoting my website and my blog. They recently added new features like

1. SMSCash :- here they have provided approx 2500 offers and by completing these offers you
Can get instant cash in your SMS account. This is a very good feature to earn money

2. Slash My Mail : - Here you can have your own e-mail account and by sending and receiving
Mails you can earn money

Minimum payout in this program is now $20 and I would recommend you to give it a try .

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