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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Paid Surveys - 3rd Part

12. Virtual Consumer Research Group (VCRG) at the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Advertising

The Virtual Consumer Research Group is an academic, not-for-profit research group focused on understanding what consumers do, think and feel. All of their studies are academic research conducted by faculty and students in the Department of Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin.By participating in their studies a few times a year, you will help contribute to the education training of our students and the building of knowledge on consumers in an online environment. We need people like you to be part of our panel and to give us your opinions.

As a registered member of our panel, you will receive the following benefits:
• You will be eligible for our monthly drawing for a $200 gift certificate. Drawings are held on the last day of every month. The winner of each month will be notified immediately and receive the certificate within approximately 4 weeks from the drawing date.
• For each study that you choose to participate, you will be eligible for additional drawing in the range of $150~200 prizes for that study (actual size of prize depends on the study).

13.Your Voice

This survey panel is for the people from India run by ACNielsen . The Your Voice panel is a website and community that has been designed to provide members with a forum to voice their opinions on current affairs, products and services via online surveys. As a member of ACNielsen Your Voice panel, you will be regularly invited to participate in online surveys on a range of topics. Not only will you get to express your opinion on those topics and products you are interested in via the survey, but you will also be rewarded every time you participate.
• You can choose which surveys to participate in.
• You can remove yourself from the panel at any time
• You can claim prizes, gift vouchers or donate money to charity when you accumulate points by completing surveys.
• Even if you do not qualify for a survey, you are put into a prize draw worth over Rs. 25,000 each time you attempt to participate in a survey.
• The panel is used for research purposes only. There is no selling or marketing involved.
• None of the responses you give are directly linked to you as an individual.
To join, please click here

As a thank you for your time spent expressing your opinions, you are rewarded with e-points. These e-points can be redeemed for items from their catalogue. Inorder to see the catalogue, you will need to log on to the members area and then go to the members 'Rewards' section.

14. Columbia University Online Research

They are continuealy recruiting people to participate in online studies. If selected to participate in a study, you can expect to be paid at the rate of about $15/hour. Confidentially is guarantied in all of their research .
Sign-up for research

15. MySurveyCenter

The MySurveyCenter.com research panel is an online market research program where people like you can tell companies, politicians, or service providers what you think about their products or services. Members of the MySurveyCenter.com research panel will receive e-mail invitations to participate in various online and off-line research projects. By expressing your opinion you will be able to make a real difference, helping companies improve products and services and develop new products that will meet your needs. MYSURVEYCENTER.COM™ is an international opinion-gathering company that specializes in conducting Internet-based research. Formed as a joint venture between Baxter Strategies Incorporated, a world-class international marketing research firm and GoGlobal Technologies Inc. , a well established web-based research technologies firm. MYSURVEYCENTER.COM™ combines the exceptional intellectual capital of both companies with state-of-the-art Internet survey technologies and sophisticated research capabilities.

All entrants who participate in a Survey which offers a cash incentive, who meet the qualification for that survey, and who fully complete the survey will be given credit in the amount of the incentive for that survey which will be placed in their MySurveyCenter.com account. Funds will be held in the account until a total of $25.00 is accumulated or for a period of six months, whichever comes first. At that time a check will be issued for the total amount due, which will be sent to the respondent at the address provided in their personal profile. However, should the incentive for that survey be a prize drawing instead of cash, the winning respondents will be notified by email and the prize drawing is sent via courier to the address provided in their personal profile.

16. Ac Nielsen Homescan Survey Panel

This survey panel is for the people from United States. Ac Nielsen is the world’s largest market research company . Almost every market research program is conducted among a group of people who represent households in some larger area. Homescan relies on this sampling process as well, to ensure that every household in the country has an equal chance of being selected, and that our sample truly reflects the total U.S. As an actively participating member of the Homescan Consumer Panel program, you are eligible for a special sweepstakes where you can win up to $20,000 in cash, a fabulous vacation valued at $25,000 or even a new car! If you scan and download your purchase information weekly, there is a GOOD chance that you will be a winner!.

Use the link for more information / to join

Ac Nielsen Homescan Survey Panel

17. You Gov

As a member of the YouGov Panel you will be invited from time-to-time to participate in surveys on topics ranging from from politics to painkillers to pensions. Each time you take part in a survey, you will have your virtual YouGov account credited with cash amounts depending on the survey's length, or you may be entered into a prize draw. When you reach £50/$50 in your account, YouGov will send you a cheque for that amount . They have 3 different panel

1. http://www.yougovme.com/

2. http://www.yougovamerica.com/

3. http://www.yougov.com/

Your account will be credited with your first £1/$1 for registering. Main drawback with this panel is that payout takes place once you reach £50/$50

18. Permission Research

This is an international pane with lot of benefits like
• E-mail virus protection - free virus scan software.
• Games - Download a choice of exciting interactive games.
• Screensavers - Liven up your desktop with a variety of beautiful screensavers.
• Private Surf- A simple tool that helps keep your Internet surfing activity confidential by erasing your history.
• FileShield - A tool that lets you easily encrypt and decrypt specified files and folders.
• My Virtual Disk - A tool that allows you to store your files on a secure online drive.
• And more!
PermissionResearch is an online market research community consisting of over 2 million members worldwide, which provides insight into how its members interact with the Internet. In exchange for agreeing to have their Internet behavior monitored, computer users who join PermissionResearch are offered various value propositions, including the ability to download screensavers or other software offerings and a host of other benefits. Periodically, members are also invited to complete online surveys, which gauge their attitudes and interests on a wide variety of topics.

use this link to join

In order to participate in this research community, they ask you to download software on your computer. This software download contains two components. The first component consists of a screensaver or other software offering that is chosen by the PermissionResearch member. The second component consists of research software, which monitors the community member’s Internet activity, allowing PermissionResearch to develop an understanding of how they and the members of their household use the Internet. In addition, PermissionResearch may occasionally invite its members to participate in online surveys that are designed to help companies understand their attitudes and interests on a wide variety of topics not necessarily related to their Internet activities. Participation in these surveys is optional.

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