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Friday, April 13, 2007

How to make money from Internet

Welcome to myblog "onlinepaidsurveys4u". Here i will give my reviews on various money making oppurtunities available on the net . One can easily make a living from the net by working from the comfort of your house. Various money making programs available on the net can be classified as follows.

  • Online Trading - Stocks/Forex
  • Web Marketing
  • Online paid surveys
  • Web store
  • Freelancing
  • By joining Forums,Discussions ,Get paid to sign up ,Get paid to read Emails etc etc

I am starting my blog by reviewing " Online paid surveys " as this is the easiest way of making money on the net. Other ways of making money on the internet will be discussed later.

Online Paid surveys

Online paid surveys are a part of market research activites conducted by the Marketing compaines to get the feed back of consumers on their products and services. Some of the very big Market research companies maintain a very big panel recruited from the length and breadth of the world so that they can select any partucluar panel based on the requirement of their client.

Also students of some major universities conduct surveys on the net as a part of their reasearch /studies.

Most of these survey companies pay 1$ to 25$ per survey depending on the duration and the difficulty of the survey.Your chance of qualifying for a survey depends on your profile purticulary your country .Chances of qualifying for a survey is very high ,if you a from USA or Canada .

Requirements for online paid surveys

most of the companies pay you through pay-pal /e-gold . hence you create one paypal a/c

internet connection with a computor

create an e-mail account to get your survey invitations . you can opt for yahoo or hotmail

Survey Companies

1. Ciao-surveys international

  • Ciao is one of the leading operators of online surveys worldwide. The paid surveys cover a wide range of interesting topics and offer you the perfect opportunity to express your views while earning money! Sign up today and your first invitation to take a paid survey will arrive shortly. Ciao pays between 1$ to 25 $ per surveys

2. Socratic Forum

  • Socratic Forum members participate in state-of-the-art Web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software, e-commerce innovations, business-to-business products and services, and forces driving the global economy. Survey participation is always 100% voluntary, and all information provided to us remains confidential. Socratic Forum members share their opinions via their participation in our state-of-the-art Web-based surveys. In exchange, they reward the members by offering access to new information and opportunities to receive cash, online gift certificates, or other rewards.

3. Ameican Consumer Opinion

  • Membership in American Consumer Opinion® is free. You will never have to pay any money to be a member. Your participation in our surveys is the only "cost" of membership. As a panel member, you will participate in several surveys a year, typically. The average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete, and the questions are usually easy to answer. Panel members can expect to receive a "screener" (a short questionnaire) every six weeks or so. Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $50, per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. Simply fill out surveys for money. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than $25.

    click here to join Ameican Consumer Opinion

    4. Survey Savvy

    • As a member of SurveySavvy.com, the most effective way to earn money is through their patented referral payment system(Patent No. 7194448 & Patent No. 6446044). They pay SurveySavvy.com members an average of $2 for every survey a SurveySavvy.com member's referrals complete and $1 for every survey their referrals complete. Join over 3 million people around the world, who make a difference and earn cash by participating in our online surveys

    list will be continued in the next post

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